San Jose State: Home of Bill Walsh, Dick Vermeil and a Playmate’s Spouse

On October 14, 2011, my buddy Jameson and I took a trip to San Jose State to see the Spartans take on the Hawaii Warriors football team. It was an enjoyable experience, even though I was in the Hawaiian section of the stadium and their team lost a heartbreaker. This piece is rather short (the longer ones don't come… »4/09/13 6:57pm4/09/13 6:57pm

A Must-See Movie for Die-Hard Baseball Fans (Not Named Moneyball)

Originally released on September 23, 2011, I wrote this post the day that
Moneyball, the movie, was first shown in theaters. A couple days earlier, I had watched A Player to be Named Later, a documentary that featured three players from the Milwaukee Brewers minor league system in 2001. Marco Scutaro would go on to be… »4/02/13 2:57pm4/02/13 2:57pm